Services - Roofing


Roofing (Concrete / Imported Clay Roof tiles)

The concrete tile is the most popular product due to cost effectiveness. Also very pleasing to the eye these days with many different profiles and colors.

Clay tiles on the other hand are more popular with the High end home owners. This is a product that will increase the value of your property and for re-selling this is bonus. This product will last for many generations if installed properly.

We Supply & Install all Roof tile profiles and colors.

Roofing (Mazista natural Slate / Nutec Fiber cement Slate)

1. Natural Slate has been acclaimed for centuries as the ultimate Roofing material. A slate roof has no equal in durability and natural beauty, and though the most expensive Roof covering.
2. Nutec fiber cement slates are very common among the old houses. We do all kinds of extensions or new additions.

Roofing - Color bond roof sheeting (Corrugated / IBR / Concealed Fix)

Our sheeter’s are trained to install the metal Roof sheets with the correct fixing methods depending on the type of material. We also do concealed fix sheeting which provide peace of mind on really flat surfaces.

Roofing – Roof removal & Replacement (Removing existing roof and replacing it with new)

We remove the existing roof covering, battens and insulation completely. Then we install new insulation, battens and Roof covering (depending on Truss spacing’s) The Roof is made water tight afterwards. All debris is removed and a Guarantee is issued.

This is generally considered the safest and surest method to guarantee long term effectiveness.

Roofing – Timber Trusses (Standard Pre-Manufactured / Specialized / Bolted)

There are many different types of designs. The designs are done on computer software to make sure the Roofs are capable of withstanding natural forces. We can do from the smallest flat roof to your exclusive Mansion. All truss erections are signed off by an Engineer and a certificate is issued.