Services - Roofing


Water Proofing - Torch-on / Heat fused (Concrete slabs / Retaining walls / Parapets)

We offer “Bituminous Torch-on” waterproofing which is applied to a bitumen primed surface and heated with a gas torch to create a waterproof area. We then overcoat the Bitumen material with reflective aluminum paint.

The Heat Fused System (Torch-on)

This is a very well-known system in the construction trade, as it has various applications. We are approved specialist applicators of most suppliers, including ABE, and we hand down the guarantees from our suppliers. The ‘Torch-on’ system is mainly used for concrete roof application. There are a few different types of waterproofing membrane such as Mineral Surface and the conventional Silverkote Finish. This system can also incorporate Thermal Insulation of your flat roof that reduces inside temperatures up to 45% and which has a neat stone finish.

This system is best applied on:
• Concrete decking
• Flat roofs
• Balconies
• Tanking (of underground basements)

Water Proofing - Cementitious (Concrete slabs / Parapets / showers)

This product is very effective when it comes to UV rays, rain etc… The polymer is mixed with water to create an elastic fluid and is then applied to Polypropylene membrane. It also forms a natural color once it has dried. It can be walked on or tiled on (as you please).

The Cementitiouse System

Cementitiouse waterproofing is an extremely strong, durable and cost effective system predominantly used for balconies and asbestos roof sheeting. In the construction trade it is mainly used for balconies as tiles can be placed directly on top of a cementitiouse system and this eliminates the need for slip sheets or top screeds.

Water Proofing - Aluminum flashing & Counter Flashing (Side & Head walls / Chimneys)

We use aluminum flashing to waterproof roof tiles on side & Head walls. We then counter flash the up stand of the aluminum with a Zincalume flashing to prevent water from entering. This method is totally maintenance free and makes it everlasting.